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The Book of


The Book of Revelation

The following are summaries and outlines for
the book of Isaiah

Book of Revelation Summary

The Revelation is lavish in colorful descriptions of the visions which proclaim for us the last days before Christ’s return and the ushering in of the new heaven and new earth. The Revelation begins with letters to the seven churches of Asia Minor, then goes on to reveal the series of devastations poured out upon the earth; the mark of the beast, “666”; the climactic battle of Armageddon; the binding of Satan; the reign of the Lord; the Great White Throne Judgment; and the nature of the eternal city of God. Prophecies concerning Jesus Christ are fulfilled and a concluding call to His Lordship assures us that He will soon return. [Source:]

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The English title “Revelation” comes from the first word of the book in Greek. That word is apokalypsis, which means “the unveiling of something previously unrevealed.” In Revelation Christ and His eternal program are fully revealed, so that the book provides a fitting capstone to the New Testament revelation.

[Source: King James Study Bible NotesCopyright ©  2013 by Thomas Nelson. ]


Author and Date of Writing

The book is specifically identifues the author of the Book of Revelation as the apostle John. Revelation 1:1,4,9 and 22:8

Date of Writing: The book of Revelation was likely written between A.D. 90 and 95.


Revelation Outline

I. Introduction (1:1–8)

  1. Prologue (1:1–3)
  2. Greetings and Doxology (1:4–8)
  1. Ephesus (2:1–7)
  2. Smyrna (2:8–11)
  3. Pergamum (2:12–17)
  4. Thyatira (2:18–29)
  5. Sardis (3:1–6)
  6. Philadelphia (3:7–13)
  7. Laodicea (3:14–22)

IV. The Throne, the Scroll and the Lamb (chs. 4–5)

  1. The Throne in Heaven (ch. 4)
  2. The Seven-Sealed Scroll (5:1–5)
  3. The Lamb Slain (5:6–14)

V. The Seven Seals (6:1—8:1)

  1. First Seal: The White Horse (6:1–2)
  2. Second Seal: The Red Horse (6:3–4)
  3. Third Seal: The Black Horse (6:5–6)
  4. Fourth Seal: The Pale Horse (6:7–8)
  5. Fifth Seal: The Souls Under the Altar (6:9–11)
  6. Sixth Seal: The Great Earthquake (6:12–17)
  7. The Sealing of the 144,000 (7:1–8)
  8. The Great Multitude (7:9–17)
  9. Seventh Seal: Silence in Heaven (8:1)

VI. The Seven Trumpets (8:2—11:19)

  1. Introduction (8:2–5)
  2. First Trumpet: Hail and Fire Mixed With Blood (8:6–7)
  3. Second Trumpet: A Mountain Thrown Into the Sea (8:8–9)
  4. Third Trumpet: The Star Wormwood (8:10–11)
  5. Fourth Trumpet: A Third of the Sun, Moon and Stars Struck (8:12–13)
  6. Fifth Trumpet: The Plague of Locusts (9:1–12)
  7. Sixth Trumpet: Release of the Four Angels (9:13–21)
  8. The Angel and the Little Scroll (ch. 10)
  9. The Two Witnesses (11:1–14)
  10. Seventh Trumpet: Judgments and Rewards (11:15–19)

VII. Interlude: Persecution, Deliverance and Judgment (chs. 12–14)

  1. The Woman and the Dragon (ch. 12)
  2. The Two Beasts (ch. 13)
  3. The Lamb and the 144,000 (14:1–5)
  4. The Harvest of the Earth (14:6–20)

VIII. The Seven Bowls (chs. 15–16)

  1. Introduction: The Song of Moses and the Seven Angels With the Seven Plagues (ch. 15)
  2. First Bowl: Ugly and Painful Sores (16:1–2)
  3. Second Bowl: Sea Turns to Blood (16:3)
  4. Third Bowl: Rivers and Springs of Water Become Blood (16:4–7)
  5. Fourth Bowl: Sun Scorches People With Fire (16:8–9)
  6. Fifth Bowl: Darkness (16:10–11)
  7. Sixth Bowl: Euphrates River Dries Up (16:12–16)
  8. Seventh Bowl: Tremendous Earthquake (16:17–21)

IX. The Destruction of Babylon and the Return of Christ (chs. 17–19)

  1. The Destruction of Babylon (17:1—19:5)
    1. The great prostitute described (ch. 17)
    2. The fall of Babylon (ch. 18)
    3. Praise for Babylon’s fall (19:1–5)
  2. Praise for the Wedding of the Lamb (19:6–10)
  3. The Return of Christ (19:11–21)

X. The Millennium and the New Heaven and New Earth (chs. 20–22)

  1. The Millennial Kingdom (ch. 20)       
    1. The thousand years (20:1–6)
    2. Satan’s doom (20:7–10)
    3. Great white throne judgment (20:11–15)
  2.  The Coming of the New Creation (21:1—22:5)
  3.  The new heaven and new earth (21:1–8)
  4.  The new Jerusalem (21:9–27)
  5. Eden restored (22:1–5)
  6. The Return of Christ (19:11–21)

X. Conclusion and Benediction (22:6–21)

Adapted from: NIV Study Bible, Copyright © 1985, 1995, 2002, 2008, 2011 by Zondervan.