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The Gospel of


Gospel of Luke

The following are summaries and outlines for
the Gospel of Luke.

Gospel of Luke Summary

Luke, just like all 4 gospels, is an account of Jesus' life, ministry, death and resurrection. However with Luke, the account is actually part of a two part work that includes the book of Acts. This book is known for it's orderly presentation of Jesus' account.

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The book bears the fitting name of Luke, the author. He was a physician and the only Gentile to write any part of the New Testament. Luke was a close companion of the Apostle Paul. Luke is never mentioned by name in the book.


Author and Date of Writing

The author generally accepted to be the physician Luke. Luke was not an eyewitness to the Gospel but he was close to the eyewitnesses. The book was written prior to the book of Acts, which he also wrote. The Gospel of Luke was written around A.D. 62.

Luke Outline

I. Introduction to Jesus’ Ministry (1:1—4:13)

  1. Preface (1:1–4)
  2. Introduction to John the Baptist and Jesus (1:5—2:52)
  3. Preparation for Jesus’ Ministry (3:1—4:13)

II. Jesus’ Ministry in and Around Galilee (4:14—9:50)

  1. Preaching in Nazareth, Luke 4:14-30
  2. An Introduction to Jesus’ Healing Ministry, Luke 4:31–44)
  3. Calling the First Disciples, Luke 5:1–11
  4. A Series of Controversies With the Jewish Leaders, Luke 5:12-39 — Luke 6:1-11
  5. The Call to Discipleship Formalized, Luke 6:12–49
  6. Focusing on the Question of Jesus’ Identity, Luke 7:1-50 —Luke 8:1-3
  7. Hearing the Word of God Correctly, Luke 8:4–21
  8. Illustrations of Jesus’ Authoritative Word, Luke 8:22–56
  9. The Christological Climax, Luke 9:1–50

III. Jesus’ Teaching “En Route” to Jerusalem (9:51—19:27)

  1. Discipleship Eyeing the Cross, Luke 9:51–62
  2. The Mission of the Seventy-two, Luke 10:1–24
  3. The Double Love Command, Luke 10:25–42
  4. Teaching About Prayer, Luke 11:1–13
  5. Controversy With Pharisees, Luke 11:14–54
  6. Preparation for Judgment, Luke 12:1-59 — Luke 13:1-9)
  7. Kingdom Reversals, Luke 13:10-35 — Luke14:1-24
  8. Cost of Discipleship, Luke 14:25–35
  9. Seeking and Saving the Lost, Luke 15:1-32)
  10. The Use and Abuse of Riches, Luke 16:1-31
  11. Teachings on Faith, Luke 17:1–19
  12. How the Kingdom Will Come, Luke 17:20-37 —Luke 18:1-8)
  13. How to Enter the Kingdom, Luke 18:9–30
  14. Passion Prediction, Luke 18:31–34
  15. From Jericho to Jerusalem, Luke 18:35-43 — Luke 19:1-27)

IV. Jesus in Judea: Ministry Near and in Jerusalem (19:28—21:38)

  1. Entry Into Jerusalem, Luke 19:28–48
  2. Jesus’ Teaching: The Final Week, Luke 20:1-47 — Luke 21:1-38

V. The Climax of Jesus’ Life (chs. 22–24)

  1. Passover, Luke 22:1-71
  2. Crucifixion, Luke 23:1-56
  3. Resurrection and Ascension, Luke 24:1-53
Adapted from: NIV Study Bible, Copyright © 1985, 1995, 2002, 2008, 2011 by Zondervan.