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The Book of


Book of Joshua

The following are summaries and outlines for the Book of Numbers.

Book of Joshua Summary

The book of Joshua chronicles the Israelites entry into the promised land, defeating their enemies in the land, allotting the land to their tribes, and preparing to pass this inheritance on to future generations.

The Bible - Numbers


The name Joshua refers to the chief human character in the book. He leads the Israelites from the time of Moses’ death until they enter and allot the promised land. Joshua’s name in Greek is Jesus. It means “The Lord saves.”


Author and Date of Writing

The author of the book is not identified; however, 24:26 attributes at least part of the book to Joshua himself. The date of the book is not clearly state, however, the most likely writing period is ca. 1405–1385 B.C.

JOSHUA Outline

I. The Promised Land Entered, Joshua 1:1 - 5:12

  1.  Joshua Installed as Leader, Josh. 1:1-18
  2. Rahab and the Spies, Josh. 2:1-24​
  3. Crossing the Jordan, Josh. 3:1-5:1
  4. Circumcision and Passover at Gilgal, Josh. 5:2-12

II. Promised Land Taken, Josh. 5:13-12:24

  1. The Fall of Jericho Josh. 5:13—6:27
  2. Achan’s Sin Josh. 7:1–26
  3. Ai Destroyed Josh. 8:1–29
  4. The Covenant Renewed at Mount Ebal Josh. 8:30–35
  5. The Gibeonite Deception Josh. 9:1–27
  6. The Sun Stands Still Josh. 10:1–15
  7. Five Amorite Kings Killed Josh. 10:16–27
  8. Southern Cities Conquered Josh. 10:28–43
  9. Northern Kings Defeated Josh. 11:1–23
  10. List of Defeated Kings Josh. 12:1–24

III. The Promised Land Allotted Josh. 13:1—21:45

  1. Land Still to Be Taken Josh. 13:1–7
  2. Division of the Land East of the Jordan Josh. 13:8–33
  3. Division of the Land West of the Jordan, Josh. 14:1–5
  4. Allotment for Caleb, Josh. 14:6–15
  5. Allotment for Judah, Josh. 15:1–63
  6. Allotment for Ephraim and Manasseh, Josh. 16:1—17:18
  7. Division of the Rest of the Land, Josh. 18:1–10
  8. Allotment for Benjamin, Josh 18:11–28
  9. Allotment for Simeon, Josh. 19:1–9
  10. Allotment for Zebulun, Josh. 19:10–16
  11. Allotment for Issachar, Josh. 19:17–23
  12. Allotment for Asher, Josh. 19:24–31
  13. Allotment for Naphtali, Josh. 19:32–39
  14. Allotment for Dan, Josh. 19:40–48
  15. Allotment for Joshua, Josh. 19:49–51
  16. Cities of Refuge, Josh. 20:1–9
  17. Towns for the Levites, Josh. 21:1–45

IV. Israel United to Serve God in the Promised Land (22:1—24:33)

  1. Eastern Tribes Return Home, Josh. 22:1–34
  2. Joshua’s Farewell to the Leaders, Josh. 23:1–16
  3. The Covenant Renewed at Shechem, Josh. 24:1–28
  4. Buried in the Promised Land, Josh. 24:29–33
Adapted from:  NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible. Copyright © 2019 by Zondervan.