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The Patriarchs Timeline

This lists the lifespan, age of patriarch at the birth of the son and scripture reference.

Adam - First Man

Adam was the first man. He was created on the sixth day in God's own image and lived for 930 years, the fourth longest person to ever live. He lived long enough to see he saw his great, great, great, great, great, great grandson Lamech (Noah's father) born.

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Noah - Builder of the Ark

Noah was commanded by God to build an Ark. His family would be the only family that would survive the Flood. His three sons, Shem, Ham and Japeth would repopulate the world after the judgement of the Flood. Noah was a man of incredible faith in God despite taking 150 years to build the Ark

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Abraham - Father of a nation

God calls Abraham out from his home in Haran and tells him to go to a land that He will show to him. God also makes three promises to Abraham: 1) The promise of a land of his own; 2) the promise to be made into a great nation; and 3) the promise of blessing.

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Patriarchs Timeline

FatherAge of Father when Son was Born

Approx. Year

SonScripture ReferenceFather’s Lifespan 
Adam1303874 BCSethGen. 5:3930 
Seth1053769 BCEnoshGen. 5:6912 
Enosh90 KenanGen. 5:9905 
Kenan70 MahalalelGen. 5:12910 
Mahalalel653544 BCJaredGen. 5:18962 
Enoch653317 BCMethuselahGen. 5:21365* 
Methuselah1873130 BCLamechGen. 5:25969 
Lamech1822948 BCNoahGen. 5:28777 
Noah500 or 5022446 BCShemGen. 5:32950 
Shem1002346 BCArpachshadGen. 11:10600 
Arpachschad35 ShelahGen. 11:12438 
Shelah302281 BCEberGen. 11:14433 
Eber342246 BCPelegGen. 11:16464 
Peleg302217 BCReuGen. 11:18239 
Reu322185 BCSerugGen. 11:20239 
Serug302155 BCNahorGen. 11:22230 
Nahor292126 BCTerahGen. 11:24148 
Terah1301996 BCAbrahamGen. 11:26205 

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