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The 12 Apostles

The 12 Apostles or Disciples

These 12 men were called by Jesus to follow Him throughout His ministry. They would be closes Jesus and would continue to spread the message of Jesus after His resurrection.


Other Names: Simon, Cephas

  • Was the leader of the 12.
  • He was previously a fisherman


Peter’s Brother

  •  He was also a fisherman.
  • the first disciple Jesus called (Book of John) and brought Peter to Jesus, but
  • he told Peter Jesus was the Messiah.


John’s Brother.

  • Part of Jesus’ “inner circle” with his brother John and Peter. 
  • Previously a fisherman.
  • Son of Zebedee  
  • Martyred by Herod in Acts 12:2


Other Name: James the Greater

  • Was the leader of the 12.
  • He was previously a fisherman


Brought Nathanael to Jesus

  •  Only mentioned 8 times in the Gospels
  • Usually mentioned with Bartholomew 


Possibly also known as Nathanael

  • His name only appears in the four lists of Jesus’ 12 main disciples,
  • He’s never listed with any titles or descriptions.
  • Always listed with Philip.


Other Name: Doubting Thomas, Didymus

  • Famously doubted the resurrection of Jesus and told the other disciples he needed to see the nail marks in His hands to believe (John 20:25)
  • Only mentioned 8 times in the Gospels


Tax Collector, Levi

  •  was despised by Jews because if his profession.
  • Wrote the Book of Matthew.


James the Lesser, Son of Alphaeus

  • Only mentioned in the four lists of apostles
  • Possibly Jesus’ brother, but we’re not sure.


Other Name: Thaddeus

  • Most traditions assume Jude the apostle wrote the Epistle of Jude
  • Some identify him with Jesus’ brother Jude,


The Zealot

  • Only mentioned by name in lists of the apostles
  • May have belonged to a Jewish sect known as the Zealots, who were looking for a Messiah to violently overthrow Rome.


Judas Iscariot, traitor

  • infamously betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver,
  • was the first Apostle to die.